Sunday, August 26, 2012

summer time

Makenna is 5 months old!! i cant believe it! She has grown so much in the last couple months.  This is an update from months 3-5. Its been so fun watching her grow up into a cute baby girl and out of the newborn stage! going through all her newborn clothes was kinda sad im not gonna lie, but its so exciting to watch her learn new things everyday.  in the last couple months she has learned to roll over both ways. sometimes she forgets she knows how or cant figure out how to move her arms to let herself roll over.  but she is getting better at it.  she loves to be on her tummy and hold her head up.  she is getting so good at grabbing her toys and wants to grab and suck on anything she can get her hands on.  i remember when she couldn’t even hardly reach some toys on her play yard and now she grab them all and pull and push her self around.  we have a saucer she loves to sit and play.  i can normally put her down to play and she will be entertained until she is tired or hungry.  She still LOVES bath time and now she is so wiggly and splashes i love it! we go to the water park pretty often and she does really good, i can tell she loves the water but not quite sure what to do.  Breastfeeding is still going good, she is a good eater and it seems like she is getting enough....there are rolls to prove it.  we weighed her at home and she was 15lbs!! Makenna loves to sit up and see whats going on.  she can almost sit up by herself but not quite there yet.  normally she is a pretty good sleeper, but we just got back from camping last week and this week i dont know if her schedule is just off or she got used to sleeping with me in the camper.  but either way this week has not been good! most nights she will go to bed around 8 ish and sleep 5-6 hrs and every 3-4ish hrs after that.  summer is just so crazy and we are out late all the time so shes learning to adapt.  if she’s tired i can lay her down anywhere and she will sleep but has a harder time if she is cuddled or held.  im glad she likes her bed but sometimes i wish she would fall asleep in my arms.  she does good with dad and sleeps when he holds her.  right when you think you have them figured out it changes.  She still gets to play with grandma nelson thursday and friday and with daddy saturdays. this last saturday she got to spend the morning at football practice and help daddy set up his class room. She loved it and all the boys loved her! Makenna is a chatter box, oh my goodness.  she has alot to say and is starting to mimic the sounds we make to her.  
So much has happened lately its just purely amazing how the lord is in charge of our lives. Dane got a JOB!!!!
He graduated in May and has been working for Dr Burr at Ada West Dermatology all summer.  we are truly grateful that he had that to rely on.  His true passion is to teach so with months and months of searching and applying and talking to everyone a spot at Capital High School opened up. All he had to do was pass the history praxis test! unfortunately he failed the first time. it was very humbling and disappointing because of the pressure he-we felt.  luckily he had the opportunity to retake it and Capital would hold the position open til he found out the results! We found out the 10th of August and were thrilled to find out he passed and got the job! he now teaches 11th grade us history and school starts tomorrow! we are so grateful for this humbling experience and for the Lord taking care of us.  
The last couple months we have done so much! my mom, kenna and i went to utah for the weekend to pick up kourtnee. we had so much fun, we took kourt to see hair schools and apartments and stayed with my cousin Amy Moon. It was a Blast! in July we went to the water park with all the pence’s every monday night. Headed camping in the motor home with all my family. we went to garden valley and saw Joseph the Amazing technique colored dream coat at starlight mountain theatre and stayed the night there.  then on to red fish lake for a night! which was beautiful, we hung out and swam. then on to island park to camp for 3 days with all my moms family. it was a blast! it was so neat to see family, Dane had never met any of them and some i hadn’t seen since i was a little girl. Makenna did a great job, she slept good and was happy the whole time. of course she LOVED all the attention from all her aunts and uncles! i think she was sad to be home with just me the next week.  
In August Cindy Spjute got married!! so my parents, Aubrey,Makenna, and i headed to twin falls the previous night and stayed in a hotel to do cindys hair the morning of! It was a fun little get away and the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! im so happy for Cindy and Cory.  
That sums up the main events of the summer.  we now are enjoying and prepping for our new adventure. We are moving! it has felt soo good to clean out and declutter our house. we will defiantly be downsizing for sure! im ok with it, honestly. we were looking at every option of getting into a house. it seemed like all opposition was against us. we decided to rent for another year til we are completely out of debt and can find a house we love and not settle into something. also find the area that we love, knowing now that Dane has a job.  moving is a project for sure but we are looking forward to a new adventure and sad to leave the area were in because of our ward. BUT im so excited not to live so far away from everything and spend so much on gas!! YAY! heres to a new adventure!

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  1. aww yay!! def. yay for new adventures. you guys are so deserving! love you guys! and is it weird that i love reading these updates even though for the most part i know what you guys have been up to? creeper status for sure. ;)