Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2 Months

Wow i cant believe miss Makenna girl is 2 months old! She is getting so big and its so fun to see her personality come out more and more everyday. I haven't gotten her weighed yet so I'm not sure how big she is, but she is fitting into almost all her 3 month clothes! i don't really realize how big she has gotten until i look at all the newborn clothes that barely fit her. Its so fun to see her try and figure out her little arms and hands and what they can do and how to control them. over all she is still a pretty good baby. the last couple of weeks she hasn't been sleeping very good and waking up every 3-4 hrs, but from what I've heard i guess babies go through growth spurts. for the first time EVER she slept 7 hrs the other night! she woke up at 6am and i realized i didn't get up in between to feed her! YAY!! so maybe we are on our way to sleeping better but i better not speak to soon. Lets see... she loves to play with her toys. she tries to grab her toys hanging above her and kicks her little legs so fast! lately she likes her arms above her head and just stretches all the time its so cute. oh and i can get her to laugh, she always giggles but every once in awhile i can get her really laughing. she still loves her Binky (I'm so grateful for that thing), loves songs and when I'm trying get her to sleep by singing to her she just looks at me and coos i just love it! We have been so busy this last month! i went back to work and it actually went better then i expected! she goes to my moms house until Dane gets off and she does really good for both of them. I'm so glad my mom is able to watch her, so i can go to work anxiety free! of course i miss her like crazy but seeing as i don't have a choice in the matter we'll make the best of it.
 on May 6th we blessed her and she did so great. then the following weekend the 12th Dane graduated from BSU! YAY!!! (now we just need him to find a job) Then there was mothers day, Dane was so sweet and let me sleep all night and it was great. He made me my favorite breakfast, then we headed to my parents and my sweet mom got me flowers and nice card! it was a really relaxing day. the 19th we had a party at my parents house for Dane and my sister Kourtnee which was filled with family food and friends, jump houses and a movie outside that night. The next week Kourtnee graduated high school! so exciting! We have been going on lots of walks through the neighbor hood. For memorial day we went on a bike ride with my family to discovery park. It was SO Fun and we even found a bike trailer for a good price! now we can ride our bikes all summer, as soon as I'm not sore anymore.
This last week i finally picked up the Dave Ramsey book Money Makeover and we are pumped to give a try! we have set our goals and cant wait to be debt free.  it will be better when Dane gets a job but we are so excited to save to one day get a house. but until then we are going to have lots of fun here in Boise and maybe acouple camping trips but that's ok, maybe next year we can go on a fun trip! 
i have tons of pictures that i will post soon :)


  1. yay for updates:) i love reading about little kenna. I don't see that sweetcheeks enough!
    And yay for dave ramsey!! love him. I acutally am about to start his book again to get back into it. It's a must :)
    So glad you guys found a bike trailer! how fun!!

  2. So great to hear an update and that things are going great! Glad to hear it! Can't wait for the pictures. Life is Good :)