Monday, April 30, 2012

6 weeks

Makenna is 6 weeks old!! oh my goodness it just blows my mind! every time i sit down to do this i get interrupted by little miss or something else going on.  so finally I'm gonna update everything before she gets any older.

first off i LOVE being a mom.  its something I've always wanted to do and it truly is so much fun, but really hard at times! i cant believe how big she is getting.  I'm not sure how much she weighs now but she is out of all her newborn clothes and mostly in 0-3 clothes but fits into some 3 month outfits! she is getting rolls galore, i love it.  we definitely have days randomly that she wont sleep and its very frustrating, but for the most part we try and keep her on a schedule and that tends to help.  the weekends get kinda crazy because we are out and about and it messes her up but she adapts and LOVES to be held and rocked to sleep.  so family is great for this! but come Mondays she is ready for her schedule and i am to.

by now she is sleeping about 5-6 hours at night!!!!! we put her to bed anywhere from 10-11 and she will sleep till 4-5 am then ill nurse her and she will go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours.  the only time she gets fussy is around 8 or 9 pm because she is tired and fights sleep and i try and keep her up longer so she will sleep good.  it was really hard at first though when the adrenaline and shock of the baby wears off and she was getting up every 2-3 hours especially before my milk came in! i felt like i was feeding her all day and night and i was SOO tired! but it is amazing how my body adapts to her needs.

she loves to smile!! in the last couple weeks she is starting to smile at Dane more and other people, its pretty cute! i can always get to her give me big smiles and she will coo, i just love it! a couple weeks ago my sister Kourtnee came over to practice her senior presentation and she was being goofy and we were all laughing, well makenna was looking at me and started laughing it was so funny!!!

she loves to sing. every time i am rocking her to sleep and singing her little songs she will open her eyes and smile and try singing with me.  also its so funny, if we are in the car she loves the music but especially Dane will put on Taylor swift and she loves it.  but when she is really mad she wont have anything to do with it, and i have to get in the back and rub her face to calm down.  she would always kick in my belly when there was music on so hopefully she will get some music talent.

she is a great little eater.  straight from the beginning i haven't had problems with her latching on, which was so nice! but i will say on my end it took some getting used to.  at times it was really hard and REALLY hurt! but as of last week everything is healed and its been great! i would have Dane squeeze my hand when i had to nurse her on one side it was horrible! he is such a great support.  also i can say now i know what it feels like to be engorged and oh that hurts and i understand what people were saying now! twice i got signs of mastitis and it only lasted a couple days but it was HORRIBLE! i was so sick and my body would ache, i had a migraine and my boobs felt like they had huge golf balls in them i don't know if that tmi but it was not fun! she even takes a bottle great! its so nice for Dane or my mom to be able to feed her while i sleep, and pumping now is a piece of cake but worth it to get sleep.  my goal is to nurse for a year so we'll so how it goes. also the only food that seems to make her upset is ice cream which for me is a bummer but from all the allergies I've had I'll take that because I've been able to eat everything else so its great.

some other little things she does... and random things we've been doing

  • she hates being in her car seat if were not driving....sometimes she will get mad like at red lights and that's the worst.
  • she likes to know that we are close by if not in the same room... i don't know how she knows but she does
  • loves to be rocked to sleep, doesn't like to just be put down if her eyes aren't completely closed
  • loves her dad!! he will lay her on her back on his chest and she will wiggle tell she can see his face
  • Dane does a great job letting me sleep and tending to her mostly on the weekends because he doesn't have to get up early
  • the other day we layed out her little play yard with toys above her, and she loves it! she kicks and wiggles her arms and loves the sound of the toys! she will just make noises its so cute!
  • she loves to be wrapped tight! sometimes that's the only thing that will calm her down if she is so tired
  • so far i have left her twice, acouple weeks ago i had to do hair for my friends tashionshow and left her with Kourtnee at my grandmas house til Dane got done with school and she did great.  then Dane and i went on a date this last Saturday to Texas road house and left her with my mom and she said she did good.  she loves being held by all the kids and they just adore her. 
  • every time we go to my parents everyone starts calling dibs on her and getting "in line"to hold her its so fun
  • her eyes are getting so big and she will just open them up as wide as they go and just stare its so funny
  • she still has a TON of hair and its growing and getting lighter so we cant wait to see what its going to do!
  • we bless her this sunday i just can't believe it
  • last time we weighed her she was 9.5 lbs and that was at 2 weeks old so im curious how much she is now
  • its been so fun to stay home with her, im surprised with how busy i was that i haven't gotten sick of being home.  i am excited to work a little though becuase i love doing hair, but sad to leave her.  my mom is so excited though, and it will be nice to bring in some money.
  • we have made it 6 weeks with out an income! we have never had to do this and its hard but dane goes back to work next week!!!!!
  • i've taken her to the park a couple times and she does great and loves being outside
  • we love our snuggle days when its rainy and we stay in our pjs all day
  • i've made dinner most nights and its feels great, and to be able to clean the house and do laundry i love being home
  • its been so fun to have dane around, even though he is student teaching and not making money he comes home for lunch and gets done by 4 and is around for the evenings i love it!
  • we have started doing FHE and dane is so cute and came up with the idea of reading a conference talk every monday and its been so fun
  • she has gone to 2 movies with us and did GREAT! i was surprised she didn't get freaked out by the loud noise
  • she has definently found her cry! and when she is mad she will let you know but for the most part she is a happy baby and we love her
  • she loves taking bathes
its so fun to have her here!! we just love her and as soon as i get her pictures back i will put those up!


  1. oh my goodness. that second to last pic is SO dane!! hahah I love it. I love HER! You are such a good mama Kelsey. i'm so proud of you :) and i didn't know you had (or close to having) mastitis! ahh thats the worst. I had it twice with Beck too. Just know the second baby is much easier when it comes to nursing. love you guys!!

  2. What a cute little girl! It is funny to read about her and see the similarities between her and Kellen. He screams when we stop at lights too! :)

  3. She's a doll! Glad to hear you're having a great time being a Mom! Way to go. Life is Good :)

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