Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Update

Alright well here i am just about 40 weeks and coming on my due date this coming Monday the 19th of March! Still no baby....and trying not to be disappointed! I dont feel the urge to say quite yet just get this thing out of me. but I'm tired of getting my hopes up because for the past couple weeks and especially the last couple of days I've had some pretty hard contractions, not the braxton hicks and not just the cramping like your starting your period (because I've had plenty of that), but contractions every 10-15 mins especially all day yesterday!! so i try to stay busy with work but at the same time my body is so tired and cant keep up with my daily work schedule.
i feel like my mind is playing games all day, trying not to focus on the pain but how do you not??
so I've tried to read several talks and scriptures on Patience and the Lords timing, and I'm sincerely trying to focus on our little girl and whats best for her and her timing, but honestly its hard!! I know i shouldn't rush things and be patient because you never know what these last few days maybe even a week she needs to prepare to come to this mortal state and maybe she is getting her last few instructions from Heavenly Father.
So here i am just waiting!
I'm so excited though to hold her, its one of those moments you wait your whole life for and its hard not having a set date to count the days down to. kinda like Christmas or your wedding day.  now i know why women when they get to the end they'd rather set a date and be induced, but i didn't choose that route so now i just wait! what a hard word..... wait!!!!
i know i shouldn't complain because i haven't even hit my due date the doctor set but its hard when my body is just kinda getting started then I'll go to bed and they stop, then they start again in the morning...oh well
but today through Saturday i have my hands full at the salon so if that doesn't put me into labor then the whole being active and walking stuff is crap! ha so we'll see what happens!

but on a lighter note, baby is still healthy and has a strong heartbeat! she is getting bigger and running out of room to kick, so still movement but doesn't feel like she is doing somersaults anymore just moving her arms and legs.  the nurses try to guess how big she is but they all have different theories its pretty funny. but they guessed as of last week that she's going to be anywhere from a big 6lbs baby to a little or even 7lbs baby so we'll see.  Sleeping is getting more uncomfortable and i seem to wake up every 2-3 hours which i know prepares your body for whats ahead, but i really would rather have her here then trying to sit up with this huge belly and go to the bathroom all hours of the night.  but i will take all the sleep i can get now!
i can say now that we are ready for her to come!
We have everything pretty much packed and set up.  her clothes are all organized and we even deep cleaned our house this last weekend. it was so nice, i cant bend down and clean corners very well, and Dane I'm sure is getting tired of doing most of the chores. but you know when you just want a clean bathroom and no matter who tries to help its just not how i would do it :) so my wonderful mother and sibling came over to help!! my mother is awesome! it was so wonderful to have a clean house and have help reaching all the hard corners i don't get to.  so spring cleaning is checked off the list!!
What else.... Dane started student teaching at the elementary school down from our house this week.  he likes it but its definitely an adjustment from high school so he's getting used to it! He really wants to start riding his bike but the weather has been so yucky lately so hopefully it clears up for him!
But i think that's about it, the latest in our life just waiting for this sweet little miss to join our family!

Here are some pictures we took last week with Dane's cousin Nicole, she did a FABULOUS job and i absolutely adore her!


  1. LOVE IT! You are amazing Kelsey and I can't wait for her to get here either! It's killing me!!!

  2. Just reading this post made the feelings I had come back before I had Kellen. I am glad you have the perspective that Heavenly Father is running the show! Best of luck!

  3. Beautiful pictures Kels!! :) Can't wait to meet her!