Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 Years

Wow i can't believe its been 2 years since i married the man of my dreams!
 Dane is just so wonderful and I'm so grateful for him!
Since our anniversary falls on Feb 12th so close to Valentines we combine it and have lots of fun.
this year i wanted to do something fun, i decided to do the 14 days of valentines.
which consisted of a little note and a treat that went together everyday! they weren't anything big, but little treats i knew he would enjoy! it was fun to see Dane get so excited about his surprises everyday!
one day i got busy and forgot to put one out, that night he was so sad and says "you forgot me and my surprise" ha it was cute and really fun to do something for him everyday!

This year sweet Dane tried several times to surprise me, but I'm just too noisy and read into everything
so i feel bad he tries so hard to make it a surprise but i ruin it ha ha. i am getting better though.
First off he blocked my schedule way in advance at the salon so i wouldn't have to work
we got massages at Rejuv and it was HEAVENLY! we then of course had to go to his basketball game
which he won! then grabbed some cafe rio and headed to Twin Falls. We are so glad the temple there will let you use some clothing because we get all the way there and Dane forgot his pants and my dress for obvious reasons doesn't fit anymore! but the temple was so beautiful!! it had been so long since we had gone and you cant help but feel peace and love towards your spouse when your there!
then after he took me to Jakers for some dinner, twin falls didn't really have any choices.
but it was great and the servers were really nice!
then we headed home, it was so fun to not have any distractions and just talk about anything and everything.

Sunday was our actual anniversary the 12th so we went to church and i wasn't feeling well so we just stayed home in our pjs and watched movies, it was so fun! then later we went to my families house for some dinner because we didn't make it to the grocery store! what would we do with out our family so close!
oh and the best part is he surprised me and got me a sewing machine!!!!!! i was so EXCITED!!

Well Valentines came around and we weren't planning much because of our eventful weekend, but i still wanted to make it fun. so i got a heart pizza and some martinellis. Dane came home and he didn't have anything in his hands and i got really disappointed! i tried really hard not to make a remark or have an attitude, but the harmons got the best of me and i was really sad he didn't even get me a card, flowers, or send me a text that day! i kinda gave him a hard time and he totally played it off feeling so bad!
this is so embarrassing because i had made it this huge deal and i walk out to the car to go to our last birthing class and guess whats on the!!! he did it on purpose knowing how id react!! the little stinker knows me way to well, and he thinks he's pretty funny! :)

Then of course he got a surprise as well, he finally got his new phone he's been dying and waiting so patiently to get, the iphone! it was so fun to see his face light up when he got to play with it! men and electronics! ha

it was so fun to get out and do something different! things defiantly change when you have a baby on the way. but it was a blast and some fun memories to have before little kidos start coming!
love you Dane! thanks for being my better half!

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