Friday, February 17, 2012

baby update

32 weeks

35 weeks dont mind the stain on my shirt :)

I cant believe i haven't updated this in so long.  so much has been on my mind the last month or so.  I'm finally down to the 4 weeks of pregnancy and cant be more thrilled!!! Dane and i are so excited to become parents! i don't want to sound ungrateful for this experience to be pregnant because that is not the case, but I'm so anxious to get this baby out! as i say this though i have mixed emotions because i have really enjoyed the good days and being able to feel this little girl move all around! it was neat the other night while i was taking a bath she was sticking out her back and little butt and it was the coolest thing, it felt like she was right there and could grab her.  i love feeling her little and big kicks.  she is a very active wiggly baby! i think it is so funny she always wiggles when i start blow drying peoples hair at the salon, and will immediately be still as soon as anyone wants to feel her, even Dane! little stinker!! my appointments start to become weekly this next Tuesday which i never thought I'd get to this point.  so far they say everything is great and the baby is healthy and in perfect position, which is all a blessing! the only thing I've had to keep up on is my iron is so low so i have to take iron stuff and it makes me so nauseous but oh well, and i have to keep up my protein. I've been really grateful that my blood pressure has been normal so that i can work hopefully for the next 4 weeks, seeing as Dane is currently unemployed and finishing his last semester of school as a student teacher.
although i might add that I'm so tired all the time and don't have any energy, and the nausea is back! its a vicious cycle that never ends ha ha. my hands swell more frequently recently.  i get very uncomfortable and get really bad back pain and kinda crampy lately as the braxton hicks become alittle bit harder. i can feel the baby lower which is exciting, and i guess the baby sits more on the nerves which shoot down my leg but that means that its getting closer and baby is moving its way down YAY! lately in the last month i LOVE to take baths!! it has been the only thing that helps my body relax and able to go to sleep, so wonderful! I'm so glad i will have a bath to labor in! the baby's little body is still in my ribs and they are sore as ever, i cant image that being very comfortable for her.
oh and the lovely stretch marks, i was not lucky to get the genetics of stretchy skin so i got quite a few but I'm ok with it.  i showed my belly to my little sisters the other day and they were kinda creeped out by what it really looked like, especially my belly button does stick out kinda weird.  i was complaining about the stretch marks but my sweet little sister Emma was so cute and said that only happens to skinny people so that made me feel better! ha ha
i have the best support system in the world!! Dane has been AWESOME and has helped me more then he knows! also my family has been so great especially my mom! she is so understanding and always makes me feel better! it has been nice to have supportive friends as well! sometimes when it comes to how I'm going to have my baby lots of people judge me and guess what its none of their business! so I'm grateful for those that support our decision, because I'm so excited for this experience coming!!
We are having our baby at a birthing center called the Baby Place in Meridian.  We have always felt cared for and that they genuinely care for us in all aspects which has been so great! they have helped us make our own decisions and given us more information then we could have hoped for! They have helped me do my own research on different things and be able to form an opinion for my own which i always have a hard time doing.  so we are so excited for the envirorment they provide and so grateful for them.
We recently finished our birthing class this last Tuesday! it was AMAZING and worth every penny we saved so we could take it! it has been so helpful to not only have a greater understanding of what goes on in the medical world but to really know that our bodies were created how they are for a reason and it just makes my testimony stronger. it has been the neatest thing for me to understand my body and how to deal with different emotions, and for Dane to help me understand what i need! as much as i don't want to admit it most of the time he truly does know me inside and out! we have grown so close these last few months through this pregnancy that i didn't think was possible.  Even though he still is crazy busy and needles to say my emotions tend to get the best of me, we are able to come together, and its just been the coolest experience. its interesting because in the moment i don't tend to see any difference but looking back on being pregnant its been really neat!
anyways.... we have gotten most of the baby things but at the same time i feel like we aren't prepared! we finally got her cute crib and are so excited! we still have a lot to do and think about before she comes but it will come together right?! hopefully! :) well i feel like i got most of my feelings down, sometimes hard to put into words but we are so excited and are trying not to but are counting down the days!! Dane wants me to put up and candy count down for him but we'll see if i get to that!


  1. ahhh so cute!! kelsey i love you guys so much! and can't wait to meet sweet bebe girl ! and that pic from 32 to 35 weeks such a difference! I need to see you again haha. The countdown is on... whether you like it or not!
    I'm so excited for your experience you're going to have. plus i really want to take that class you guys took. you'll have to give me the info later.
    you are so beautiful!!

  2. You are so beautiful Kels! I am soooo excited for you! You will be an incredible mother! I love hearing about your testimony through this experience =] miss you!

  3. So excited for you and Dane! Can't wait to see pictures! Glad to know things are going well!

  4. I think it is cool you guys are doing it at the place. It is going to be wonderful and you will have great memories from it! Screw anyone who doesn't think it's right!! YOUR LIFE, YOUR BABY! I love you Kels!!!